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Scouts Homework December 2015

Posted by: 23rd Lancaster (Christ Church) Scout Group
Posted on: 9 December 2015.

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23rd Lancaster (Christ Church) Scout Group

Okay, well it’s not really homework, more like something fun to do when you have power back. We are setting a challenge for the Scouts: Learn to hum the two tunes that have been selected, ready for the next campfire we hold.

“This summer a copy of the 1947 British Contingent Song book from the 1947 scout peace jamboree in France passed into my hands. I was stunned by the quality and seriousness of the songs and thought can the scouts of 2015 do as well as the scouts of 1947?”

“Two weeks ago when handing out entertainment activity badges the scouts were told they came with a caveat: they were expected to take part in singing around the next campfire camp. Well the gauntlet is being thrown down……two songs selected from the song book …… “Linden Lea” and “The Road to the Isles”.” – Martin Holmes (Scout Leader)

Here are the links to videos of the songs:

1947 song book for web

Photo of the songbook

– James Phillips (webmaster), 9th Dec 2015

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