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Posted by: Tom and Cherry's Tandemonium
Posted on: 8 February 2016.

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DSC_0281It’s been good here in Singapore, the holiday feeling is very much in place even though we’ve had long hard days sorting out all sorts of bike and trip related business. We’ve not done anything touristy except cycle up the local mount (at 70% full weight) to test our legs on the way up and brakes on the way down… Both were ‘good enough’! We’ve had to stay here one more day because of some other quite major mechanical issues that emerged and needed expert attention, which meant delay, but it’s given us extra time to repack and id some stuff to 1 post back + 2 post forwards. Tomorrow we head out the country on our first real step of our journey… not sure how we’ll manage fully laden, in the traffic, and with a storm forecast, or where we’ll stay tomorrow night, but we are keen to actually begin!

There is a lot more that could be described about where we’re staying atm, the sights/people/food etc, or one particular disastrous trip out (I might attach a photo which was quite apt at the time) but we’ll probably have more interesting things to report and time to do it on the blog etc once we get on our way… It’s a lot cheaper outside of singapore so we’ll have a little more time for leisure 🙂

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