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New Tandemonium Blog

Posted by: Tom and Cherry's Tandemonium
Posted on: 12 April 2016.

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Cherry and I have set up a new blog:

Thanks to everyone who has read on this site, and we hope that you continue to follow us on our adventure 🙂

Special thanks to James the webmaster for having set this scouting blog up for us… We’re sure, with the help you had offered, we could have made more of it had we spent the time.

The integration of fb already on our devices however will help us post content more easily, and allow members on that site to be able to give feedback. Non members of Facebook will be able to view all content without signing up.

Important Disclaimer/Advisory Note: Cherry and Thomas will keep the new blog regulated, however there will be no official affiliation between that site, or other Facebook content, and the Scouting Association or 23rd Lancaster, and therefore visiting it is subject to viewers discretion!


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