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Day 0 – The joy of air travel.

Posted by: Tom and Cherry's Tandemonium
Posted on: 4 February 2016.

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The flight was pretty horrid, and not the last as it’s one last short hop to Singapore, however that gives me time for a short writeup. I don’t fly well, but sitting behind dreadlocked ravers heading to Bali didn’t help – the fragrance from them only added to the pleasure of the journey. At one point I had to scramble over antisocial Australian girl next us and dash to the toilet, vomit in mouth, pushing colourful airhostesses out the way as they tried to clean the toilet a little too early. They were all very nice about it afterwards.

On a more positive note Cherry and I did enjoy watching The Martian, or should I say Saving Private Ryan from Mars. I like to think we learnt a few last survival tips for our cycle ride.

Will put this up when access to Wi-Fi is more trustworthy and reliable from the hostel in Singapore (if anyone knows anything about VPN’s then send me an email).

One final note from cherry:
Thomas and I experienced the flight a little differently… I quite enjoyed the fun young gin drinkers  (maybe because I could only smell the perfume we’d tested in duty free), and I liked the view of the tops of clouds and a bright red sunset (maybe Thomas should have the window seat next time).

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