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New Tandemonium Blog

Cherry and I have set up a new blog: https://www.facebook.com/Tom-Cherrys-Tandemonium-1581247672185729/. Thanks to everyone who has read on this site, and we hope that you continue to follow us on our adventure 🙂 Special thanks to James the webmaster for having set this scouting blog up for us… We’re sure, with the help you had offered, […]

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Thailand – lost and found

So far we have come from the Padang Besar crossing to Chumphon. So far we have lost (and in some cases found): – The power bank – 10mile round trip to fortunately find it in the grass where we’d stopped to eat suprisingly and extremely spicy food – The solar charger – a sweet man […]

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1000 miles in, 7000 to go… And apparently saddle sore is just something to get used to :)

Strawberries, lavender, honey, flowers…sounds a bit like England but doesn’t quite look like it 🙂 we left the plant filled roof terrace of Kuala Lipis and arrived in The Cameron Highlands where the temps are lower and lots of fruit and veg are grown in these polytunnels which have little lights in at night making […]

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Kuala Lipis – Diamonds are a Dawes best friend

Our longest and hilliest ride yet led to Kuala Lipis, and discovery of a crack in a left crank. Debating ensued with various helpful suggestions from across the globe, we partly wanted to just carry on over hills towards the next biggest town that could possibly help and hope it lasted, but in the end […]

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Days 11-13 Let them eat cake

Up through smaller villages and our first hills, the friendliness continues to do humanity proud: a Christian lady bought our dinner before we knew it, and kindly arranged for us to camp at the Chinese Buddhist Temple, where a refreshing shower was incredible, she talked to us about rubber tapping from the type of trees […]

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Day 10 – Magical Melaka

Rich history has lead to interesting architecture here, which when mixed with artists, lanterns, markets and a river meant it was such a treat to spend our day of rest in. It was a SE Asian Brighton/summer festival! These photos do no justice 🙂

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Day 8 – Malay hospitality and first scouting meetup

We stayed with a fellow cycle tourist, scout and all round most wonderful host and her family. I won’t write loads because words cannot do their kindness justice… See photos above of the fun we had.

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Day 6 – Happy New Year

We’re here at a good time as it’s Chinese New Year and there are a lot of celebrations all week – with lanterns, monkey decorations, and little red packets in trees… the main feature however is an amzing amount of firework displays, with rockets and crackers that would probably not pass the health and safety requirements of UK […]

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Day 5 – First Night Camping

Camping in malaysia is a lot warmer than camping in the uk – not in a good way though – from midnight – 3am we lay in our tent unable to sleep due to the extreme heat. I was sweating more than I ever have in any sauna or steamroom, mopping myself with my towel […]

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Day 4 – Setting off on the cycle

 we set off a little wobbly… First stop was the post office to get rid of an entitle bags worth of extra weight!

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